Our Story

We’ve spent the past five years traveling the world and chasing waves. We have visited places like Australia, Africa, Puerto Rico and our ultime favorite, Bali. Southern Shangri-La is inspired by all these beautiful places we’ve been lucky enough to call our temporary home.

We were both born and raised in Charleston, SC and it’s been an interesting road to where we are now. After graduating college we scooted over to Australia for a year of work and travel. During that year we surfed as much as we possibly could between jobs, met incredible people, converted our VW into a camper van and traveled all over the country.


Our visa finally expired so we sold our van and used the money to buy tickets to one of our favorite places: Indonesia. We traveled around Indo for 3 months where we surfed some more and fell in love with the people and the island of Bali.


When we got home from our year-plus of travel we were looking for something long-term to do that meshed with our love of travel and allowed us the flexibility to scoot off every now and then. Hosting folks who were coming to visit the city we love (and the city we grew up in) just kind of seemed like a natural fit! So, we started looking for a house that we could live in and rent…


That’s when we found our first home and our first Airbnb! Not sure whether we really intended to 100% get into the Airbnb “business” as a full time gig, but either way it just sort of clicked and we wanted to keep it rolling! So we perfected our first spot and found our second on Coming Street, where you’ll find our 4 new apartments.


While we love to getaway any chance we get, there is something about Charleston that always draws us back home. It truly is a little southern gem and since we’ve first started hosting, we’ve enjoyed every second of helping our guests enjoy everything our beautiful city has to offer!

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